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24 July, 2020

I was so lucky To find Esma3ly on Facebook. My husband and I were having lots of issues, and our advisor Sherine helped us on our communication and taught us how to compromise.


16 July, 2020

My parents are going through a divorce, nobody is listening to me, it's as if I have no voice. I needed someone to talk to, thank you Esma3ly for listening.


02 August, 2020

My advisor Waleed helped me make a life plan - for my health and my career and for understanding myself. I am so grateful and hope they continue helping others.


08 June, 2020

In my culture it's too hard to talk about our life problems because of culture and society, it's nice this site is private so you are free to talk to an expert without feeling shame or afraid of what people say.

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Why is online counselling better than traditional counselling?

security Privacy

Seeking help is a very sensitive issue. It is definitely better to do it from the privacy of your home, without anybody judging you. Unlike going to a counsellor in person, you do not need to talk face-to-face to someone you don't know about sensitive and private issues.

favorite Affordability

Online counselling costs a fraction of what traditional counselling costs, and often produces much better results. We will not charge you per "session" or by time. All our plans allow for unlimited communication with your counsellor.

people Professionalism

We have no interest in pushing you to take medication, our only goal is to help you through the issues you choose to discuss with us. Each counsellor only handles a very limited number of people, so you can be sure they are very focussed on you.

event Flexibility

Anytime that you are unsatisfied with your counsellor, you can request a different counsellor. No need to search for someone and go to a different location.

hearing Modern

We take an open-minded and non-judgemental approach to providing advice and support to you in any of the life choices that you make.

show_chart View Progress

All your messages and your counsellor's replies are available to you at anytime. In traditional counselling and therapy, there is no proper record of your discussions.

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